We’ve worked with some pretty amazing contractors over the years.


We bring to you all the skills you need to build a multi-million dollar construction business.


Head Coach

Founder and creator of the Contractor’s Play Book, the most reliable construction company framework in the world. Les has built 6 companies with revenue in excess of $75,000,000 over the last two decades or so (most in commodity type of services like roofing, masonry, insulation, etc.).

He teaches other construction business owners how to grow their businesses faster because 1) that’s what he loves to do and 2) that’s what he’s great at.


Google Apps

Rocky is our foremost expert in getting your bookkeeping, emails, proposal system, and organization and backups to the Cloud. His setups allow you to access pictures, proposals, important reminders, calendar events, and such all at the tip of your finger.

He gets everyone on your team on the same page hitting on all cylinders. He is a cheese head now in Wisconsin, raising a young family and eager to help contractors who are his niche.


Project Manager

Jim is our expert with the kind of personality that makes it easy and fun for anyone to work with him. He is a self-taught web developer and a funnel guru. He helps our contractors build sites that get leads. He designs nurture campaigns that make your databases earn money.

On his off days Jim enjoys watching football, spending time with family, and learning about cutting edge digital marketing strategies.


Graphic Designer

Pao has more than six years of experience working as a graphic designer. I’m very skilled in Adobe Suite, especially in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Premier and Experience Design! I have three years using WordPress and HTML/CSS.

I Create Wireframes and have good sense of Typography. These are key skills to have when developing a website.


Website Developer

Calvin has over 8 years of designing and developing websites – WordPress being his area of expertise. He also brings with him a marketing communications background which translates into his web design style. Whatever you envision Calvin will find a way to make it come alive on your website.

He is able to take websites and give them new life. He thrives in being creative and developing websites that are both functional and pleasing to the eye.


Reputation Manager

Krystie is the Reputation Manager here at the Huddle. She oversees the Marketing Department which includes online reputation, getting your local listings updated and also overseeing your progress of your business online.

Her keen focus is on building business reputation with a high level of commitment to ensuring extensive success.