About Les
The Coach

Meet Les O’Hara

Les is commited to developing strategies to help you increase new business and profitability for your contracting business.

He has built his “coaching system” to help small and medium size contractors build more reliable, systemized, and profitable companies. His plans are  very detailed, specific and customized to meet the needs and skill sets of your trade. Each business is unique and each deserves it’s own coaching strategy.

Working Together

Personal History

Starting out as a contractor himself, he’s walked in your shoes, climbed up ladders, got yelled at by homeowners, had employees steal from him, and has dealt with most of your challenges.

He’s learned how to successfully position and market contracting businesses to be the major player in their market. Currently, he’s the only serial construction business owner running your type of business and working as a construction business growth coach. He was also a former Big 10 football player who started his career in financial planning, earning my Chartered Financial Consultant Degree and considers himself a QuickBooks Ninja!

He took over the family roofing business and since then, he has bought and sold six construction businesses including his commercial roofing business, O’Hara’s Son Roofing, for over a million dollars (He’s the son BTW).

He understand how to grow and manage profitable construction co’s, how to nail business development, and how to create value for all stakeholders in a construction business.


Personal Accomplishments

Big Wins

He’s personally estimated and closed million dollar plus construction projects.

Has taken 4 different trade contracting business passed the 7 figure mark in revenues. (One to over 6 million is less than 5 years.)

Has won back to back National Franchise of the year in an HVAC restoration company that we started from scratch.

Currently owns a masonry company that he manage in under 5 hours a week that did over $750k in 2016. (He use as my test pilot for new initiatives and techniques he can apply toward the contractors he coaches).

Speaking of coaching, he is a world-class youth and HS football coach with a 88-15 career record, so when you get coached by me, expect a lot of football analogies like “BLOCKING AND TACKLING” you big dummy!

But, his biggest wins by far are his 4 boys and amazing wife who he has been married to for 25 years.


The talent level on your team determines the large term success of your contracting company. We have done the hard work and found some of the best in the business in helping contractors grow profitably. Take a peek at who is on our team.